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We have a few adorable cats available at this time. All of our cats have their shots and vaccinations and they're all looking for their next amazing home. Please take a look and don't hesitate to contact us if you want to adopt a cat and bring him/her home with you!

Biscuits & Gravy
We are hopefully going to adopt these as a pair because they are brothers and we would like to keep them together.

Biscuits is the orange/ white cat. He is a Domestic Short Hair and has all his shots and vaccinations. He is a sweetheart and loves everyone.

Gravy is the grey/white cat and is a Domestic Medium Hair. Gravy will love you forever and will always follow you wherever you go.

Both Biscuits and Gravy are the perfect pair to have at home with you if you're relaxing or moving around. They love to cuddle and can't wait to find a new home.
Grace is one of our clinic cats and is a Domestic Long Hair. She has all her shots and vaccinations. Grace is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. She will love you forever and always want to be by your side.She is very well tempered and well behaved.

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